We welcome pupils of all ages and standards

  • Individual driving lessons for complete beginners
  • Individual driving lessons for pupils at intermediate level
  • Intensive Driving Courses
  • Motorway lessons
  • Refresher lessons
  • Pass Plus

Depending on your needs and requirements we can offer driving lessons for

  • 1 hour
  • 1 hour and 40 minutes

The advantage of taking the longer driving lessons is that your hourly rate will be discounted and you will achieve test standard in fewer weeks. You will have more time on every lesson to gain essential driving experience AND also to practice each of the required manoeuvres.

The car that you will be learning in will have a manual gearbox and will be fitted with dual controls to ensure added safety when required.

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Independent Driving

It is now a requirement of the practical driving test for the candidate to carry out a 20 minute independent drive, either using a satnav or by following direction boards. We therefore ensure our pupils are regularly practicing independent driving as part of their driving lessons once they are capable. This will ensure that they know what is expected for the practical driving test and to prepare them for driving on their own once they have passed.

Watch the DVSA video on independent driving